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Mobile is a state of mind. It’s always on as both device and conduit, not just a channel or standalone advertising you can buy off the shelf.

To get to grips with mobile marketing you need to really go back to the basics of ‘consumer first’ marketing. If you understand the user journey on any piece of marketing activity, you could probably find a way that mobile could be used to encourage a better outcome.

Just as marketing has many elements (PR, advertising, shopper, experiential and so on), so does mobile. It should all be integrated to make the consumer journey one of ease and fulfilment. But start at the beginning; step one is to properly understand its components:

  • Websites – the normal non-responsive site is probably no good and the responsive site may not be device-optimised. The first question should always be, what is the site trying to do?
  • Apps – too many brands have gone ‘apptastic’ without understanding why. Again, what role does an app need to play?  Remember that you’re asking a consumer to do a lot by downloading it and keeping it on valuable real estate.
  • Messaging – avoid spamming and ensure you’re always ‘invited in’. You should be getting to the people who actually want to have a relationship with your brand or product.

As with other media, a call to action can move people along the user journey and nearer to the objective: a chance to visit a URL, text to a short code, scan a QR code and so on. You’re nudging people to visit somewhere else that you own – maybe your social page or your store or your partner retailers.

But the main things are the objectives and the user journey. Work with your big idea (you don’t need separate approaches for ATL, digital and mobile) and then bring it to life by using the marketing tools and trackers at your disposal.

To create a user journey that nudges and rewards you must know how these tools all work – so know which platforms need to be talking together and what takes up the consumer’s time. Will they download an app to scan something off pack in the moment? Will they enter loads of info on sheets? Will they take photos and upload them somewhere?

You need to know how consumers use their mobiles – not just for themselves for sharing with friends but for brands as well. How far along the purchase path will they go in your particular sector?

Of course, there’s the fun stuff too, like location-based mobile marketing or virtual/augmented reality. But just because you can do these doesn’t mean you should. The ‘consumer first’ approach has to take priority, followed by bringing in the tools that will best fit, engage and amplify the idea to hit the campaign’s objectives.

Speaking commercially, this means you minimise wastage over time. You get into discussions with people that want to get into those conversations, thus spending money on the right relationships and allowing people to have an easier, richer and more rewarding brand experience.

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