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As one departs another one enters. Today is fellow creative Adnans last day, but we also had a new arrival in the form of an urban fox.

Out of nowhere it arrived, without invitation, in our back alley.

After a short spell of confusion Dr Fox found some shrubs to hide behind and there it remained hidden until Creative Director Mark Freeman rang the RSPCA.

Before long the RSPCA turned up to take care of Foxy Knoxy. With the help of a builders ladder, the RSPCA worker headed in to tackle the urban rascal.

During a tense stand off things suddenly took a turn for the worse. Fearing for its life M J Fox bolted! jumping and darting all over the place, in what I can only describe as feral parkour.


As it went for a leap to nowhere Foxy Brown fell around 15 feet, causing emotional mayhem amongst the office staff. Some were crying, some were running in fear of rabies, others sat at their desks without a care in the world.

Luckily everything ended well. Mr/Mrs Fox was packed into a cage to be re-released into the wilds of Essex.

After typing that last sentence I’m now wondering if everything did work out ok? Friday night in Essex. Ouch.


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