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We’re looking to hire a potential super-hero developer.
With a love of mobile, and all the opportunities that it brings; a passion for technical creativity; a desire to produce great work for big brands; and possessing your own cape, are you the one?
Movement is digital marketing agency that specialises in mobile – we are multi-award winning, independent, founded in 2009 and have over 50 years of experience in mobile across our 15 staff.  We work with some great brands including Coke, SEAT and Vodafone – you can find out more about us here:
Creativity and Technology are at the heart of mobile, and experimentation with these is at the heart of the way we work – be that an RFID door entry system that uses your Oyster card and plays your theme tune; creating a 3D printed World Cup trophy for our sweepstake winner; having a set of eyes that use a movement-tracking webcam to follow you around the room; or hacking up a solution using iBeacons to give a client a unique mobile welcome for a meeting in our office.  This isn’t just aimless playing, all these experiments and prototypes serve to improve the skills in the team and inform the work that we deliver for our clients.

This work encompasses a range of solutions, nearly always including (mobile) web development, but may also include messaging or mobile apps.
If you have experience of developing on the LAMP stack; are an all-rounder as comfortable working server-side with PHP, Node.js and mySQL as you are front-end in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery; know your way around Linux and Cloud hosting (such as AWS); and have played with a bit of native development on Android or iOS, then you could be spot-on for us.
If you’ve got at least a couple of years experience and are looking for a role that will allow you to further develop your skills in a fantastic working environment, then drop us a line at jobs-at-movement-dot-co-dot-uk to tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll get back to you with more details of the role.
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