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Does the Internet of Things mean data is less “Big”, and more “Intimate”?

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Last month our Account Director Will circulated this interesting Ad Age article which discusses how the Internet of Things (IoT) will move us beyond Big Data and into Intimate Data – the hyper-contextual and super-personal information about you and me that can be derived or inferred from our smart watches, connected home and (in the future) clever clothes.
 IoT intimate data

The way author Tom Goodwin draws attention to the consideration of consumption contexts rather than channels particularly resonated with our approach at Movement.  We have recently completed the creation of a strategic mobile framework, to support and guide their marketers across markets in their use of mobile.

We outlined firstly that mobile is more than just a channel, but needs to be considered as a conduit to a multitude of channels (consider the web, messaging, voice, and the entire app eco-system: Facebook, YouTube, Vouchercloud and the Next shopping app amongst so many more…).

But Mobile must also be considered as a device, with many features and capabilities, many of which vary across devices and operating systems. This also encompasses the physicality of the thing itself: portable and handheld.

And crucially, mobile is also a circumstance – a micro-moment, a situation comprising the individual, where they are, where they’re going, what the weather is like, what the time is etc. etc.

And so it is at this layer of intimacy that mobile and, increasingly, the (nebulous) Internet of Things needs to be considered, necessitating a change in mindset amongst planners, marketers, creatives and technologists in order to address this new paradigm.

The things around us will increasingly move from inanimate to aware (including sensors and able to transmit information) and then to smart and reactive (including the ability process internal or external information and take action based on this).

IoT Growth

And so this new dawn of aware and reactive devices, with connectivity and able to leverage such intimate data, opens a huge amount of opportunity if addressed in the right way.

Exciting times!

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