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Google Maps introduces Q&A feature

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The iPhone vs Android weigh up has been a hot topic of conversation between peers and the mainstream media alike for many years. With new device-specific apps and features being  released on a regular basis, each keeps its audience on their toes and hungry to see what else lies around the corner.

Google maps new Q&A feature

The newest bite for Android users comes in the form of Google Maps’ Q&A feature. Simple in it’s form, this addition allows users to submit questions about locations via the search engine’s business listing, awaiting other users or the business owner to respond (and vice versa).

Moving with the building momentum in digital offerings towards breaking down the ‘wall’ between on and offline, this newest Google Maps component encourages an open-source communication platform and is expected to be fruitful. Transparency in business offerings is at the forefront of this change, alongside expanding existing efforts to deliver more user-generated content to Maps.

Google is also encouraging business owners to use this as an FAQ section, notifying companies when they have a pending questions and rewarding those who engage and respond. It remains unknown as to how users and business will respond to and utilise this new feature, as well as how Google will police it.

Fingers crossed it’s as great in practice as it is concept. Good luck, Google!


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