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Each time word of a new iPhone release surfaces, the entire Western world rises in hungry anticipation. Whether it’s a simple camera upgrade or feature-full advancement, each new model is gobbled up.

The iPhone 8 is no different. Rumoured for a mid-September release date, word of flashy new features for the 10th anniversary of the device has been sprinkled far and wide. Here’s what we know so far…

Edge to edge display
Similarly to the recently released Samsung Galaxy, the iPhone 8 is expected to comprise a full-bleed display. However, not only is the 8 removing the border around the screen, but it’s also rumoured to be making the entire device exterior from glass rather than current aluminium casing for an improved ‘sleek’ aesthetic.

Wireless charging
The upgraded glass aesthetic of the iPhone 8 is rumoured to be developing more than just the appearance. The all-glass design will allow for ‘drop and go’ wireless charging whilst also retaining the ‘old fashioned’ charger socket for those who use phone cases or simply aren’t ready for the change!

Facial recognition and home button
The edge to edge display has also meant the rumoured elimination of the home button and fingerprint unlocking of the device. Instead, Apple is expected to be introducing facial recognition, argued to be even more secure than fingerprint security and augments the new air of design elegance. An on-screen home button is expected to be supplemented for easy in-use navigation of the handset.

Dual camera
The iPhone 8’s camera brings with it high expectations. This model is expected to hold a vertically-oriented dual-camera lens and augmented reality features. The anticipated dual-lens is set to aid image stabilisation as well as assist with rumoured AR features, being able to, for example, point your device at an object and have it recognised or be able to recognise and manipulate faces. The Instagram generation’s wishes have been granted.

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