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At Movement we’ve got a bit of an issue with the phrase ‘mobile first’. As one of the first mobile agencies you’d think it would play to our strengths, but to be frank we just don’t like it. To really understand why, you will have to first look at what it means now and the origin of the phrase.

You will have heard ’mobile first’ more than once from consultants, agencies, guest speakers and probably read it frequently in industry titles and blogs. It has grown to become ubiquitous, an overarching approach to digital marketing that recognises that consumers start many purchase journeys on a mobile, so logically, your campaigns should be executed with the mobile at their heart.

This isn’t where ‘mobile first’ started, it was originated by coders and relates to a JavaScript code that recognises what type of device is being used to access a website and then responds by displaying a website at the appropriate size for that device. What we now term as responsive.

And now to the problem, it’s a very restrictive way of thinking. The device is only a small part of a jigsaw that includes all sorts of contexts, such as time of day, the physical situation, by that we don’t just mean location, the likely time investment available, the trigger points, the need, the motivation, and yes also the device – but it’s just that: a device, a screen for someone to experience the product or service we are building. The fact that it is likely to be a mobile screen is irrelevant.

We believe in creating experiences for all screens and all contexts when the consumer needs it. This is what we term ‘consumer first’.

A consumer first experience reflects the consumer mindset, where mobile first has become a state of mind; a behavior that expects and demands the instant gratification that a constant online connection has created.

We think all brands need to create consumer first experiences, not just build responsive solutions. Put your consumer first and let their behaviour drive your brand’s digital roadmap.

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