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Mobile in context: Our man Mark at IAB Mobile Engage

Our man of letters Mark Freeman (@Mark3Man) was, as one of the favourite presenters from previous Mobile Engages, invited back to talk at the 5th annual event. He spoke about mobile and desire paths (well, “you are here craters”), highlighting the rich opportunity for creativity and engagement using mobile.
The size of Mobile Engage this year, and the nature of both attendees (including a broader mix of client and agency-side) and speakers (Brian Blessed no less!) spoke volumes about how mobile has grown over the last few years.

Whilst having worked in mobile since 2005, but not directly for the last year and a half, this growth was all the more marked for me.  But what was evident was not just the growth, but also how the market has evolved.

The bleeding of more traditional digital areas, particularly around mobile media, was unavoidable with discussion around programmatic buying and the growth and sophistication of both demand, and buy side platforms.

But whilst this has to be a positive thing, with such recognising the undeniable ubiquity of mobile in consumer’s lives, and so drawing the focus of brands and the wider digital industry to mobile, I would also voice a word of caution.

We need to ensure that we think beyond the constructs of the digital paradigm – mobile cannot just be though of as an extension of these with the addition of the context that mobile brings, such as location.

Mobile is far more than this, and needs to be considered in it’s own paradigm, one which allows a great breadth of creativity and operates across, within and between social, digital and offline.

See Mark’s presentation here:

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