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Mobisites- the good, the bad and the ugly

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Whilst we’re chuffed that so many mobisites are popping up these days, experiences can still be hit or miss. Tim’s been musing over who’s getting it wrong, and who’s getting it right. Have a look at how he interrogates the best and worst mobisite executions in Retail Week’s Good Shop Bad Shop column.

Good bad

For my Good Mobisite, I picked US-based It’s not all that well known on this side of the pond, but when it comes to shopping on your mobile it’s setting standards that other names would be wise to adopt. Along with aligning the visual and design coherence on mobile and desktop, it’s also replicated almost exactly the content structure between them. This means anyone familiar with either platform can happily skip across to the other and know where to find everything. It makes shopping on a mobile as easy, instinctive and familiar as possible.

My Bad Mobisite was a little controversial –  I’m a massive fan of Amazon but they’re under-delivering with their mobisite. In an effort to ‘streamline’ the site they’ve reduced the number of shopping departments – and therefore rejected aligning the navigation structures between platforms. This creates a completely different shopping experience – one that’s unfamiliar to regular desktop users. For example, on the desktop site DVD and Blu Ray sections are separate, on the mobile version they are combined, meaning it’s impossible to browse the same content and much harder to find what you need – a cardinal sin for a mobisite (and huge irritation for Blu Ray player owners). In all other respects Amazon gets it right, especially the brilliant 1-click checkout feature, yet here they let themselves down.

The mobisite is increasingly the first port of call for customers, so it’s a shame to see many brands getting it wrong. Even if consumers are browsing rather than buying, a bad user experience could easily drive them elsewhere.

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