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Last week, our super developer Mike Monteith attended an NHS Hack Day and was awarded third place. Hurrah!

NHS Hack Days are an opportunity for healthcare and technology professionals to join forces to promote good health, good practice and good science. In attendance on the day was a strong mix of doctors, medical students, designers and developers.

Mike joined a team lead by a paediatric diabetes consultant who wanted to create a fun and engaging way of teaching children how to estimate the amount of carbohydrates in their food. They took some open source arcade style games built on the Phaser platform and re-skinned them with a space theme.

The hacked game went something like this: ‘Jamie the Giraffe’ (see below) whizzes around in his spaceship fighting the evil ‘Captain Ketone’. To win, kids must identify foods that contain carbohydrates, and foods that don’t. In round one, the challenge is to sort all the chips, rice and pasta and send them down the ‘carb-inator’. Round two is a bit like space invaders, and involves shooting carbs with insulin bullets. Round three’s where it really heats up. Gain points by eating carbs, but only if you’ve taken a dose of insulin first!

The game was a hit with the judges and they awarded it bronze whilst gold went to a telephone reminder system called ‘Take Your Meds’. Congratulations to everyone who got involved and here’s to many more worthy hack days.


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