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Company communications seldom reach their full potential when funnelled down one channel. With our wonderful technological advances, we’re able to see definitive statistics on our primary demographics, channel acquisition rates and referral sources, however it’s important not to use these to place all of our communicative eggs in one basket. A strategic balance needs to be found, including ones segmented by on and offline.

The online vs offline strategy has become a hot topic of debate in recent years, often with professionals within each genre contesting the overriding positives of theirs. Here at Movement, we value both online and offline as sources of communication and consider it advantageous in many circumstances to harness both. By collaborating on diverse projects which use both internal and external resources to achieve client briefs, we have seen first hand how legitimate the argument for collaboration is.

Breaking down the genre has been a matter of much discussion in 2017, with much statistic-led analysis leading the way. Looking at leaflet drops as an example of traditional marketing, it’s reported that 79% of recipients keep, share or read these. However, this marketing effort doesn’t allow for statistics on ROI, exact consumption or any insights into demographics. As an example of digital marketing, social media marketing is reported that the average ROI of social campaigns is 95%. However, we also know that approximately 50% of the adult population in Europe doesn’t use social media and therefore there’s the possibility that you’re excluding 50% of your potential customer-base.  As a consequence of the above, we’re seeing an increase in binary efforts between both.

An example of this kinship can be seen in our Fanta Halloween snapchat campaign. We understood that the KPI of this activity was sales and that we had only the short Halloween period to achieve this, therefore eliminating many ‘long-game’ marketing efforts. We recognised that to generate short, sharp snaps of sales we needed to meet online and offline practices and therefore implemented snapcodes on retail packaging which customers needed to purchase that very day in order to release the limited edition filters and lenses on the social media platform Snapchat. Working with external artists and creative professionals within traditional media, we united our expertise to implement a fully integrated campaign which fulfilled the client brief.

There is no creation without tradition, and what we now refer to as ‘new’ is merely an inflection on tradition. To achieve success and grow a business it is vital to pair a strategy with your product and audience and understand their psychology and user journey. Offline marketing in actual fact reaches a greater total audience, so you are therefore potentially excluding a huge proportion of your customer-base if you focus purely online. On the flipside, it’s harder to quantify successes via offline forms and interactivity is limited. Thus, a communicative kinship is prescribed.

Less ‘us vs them’ and the more intelligent unity the better. The world of B2C communication renders endless impressive and fruitful brand-building opportunities and the digital world is quickly developing to further integrate traditional practices. Let’s harness this.

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