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React Native, is it all it’s cracked up to be?

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We’re living in an age where mobile usage is exceeding that of desktop, where we can all be developers and hackers, and where brands have a solution for mobile – developing mobile-optimised websites or mobile apps – that’s becoming standard practice.

With a number of options currently on the market to support the development of cross-platform apps, without the need to develop in native code (e.g. Obj-C or Swift on iOS), open source code and video tutorials, Facebook has now also broken into this territory.

React Native is an open source framework from Facebook that allows you to develop native cross-platform applications using JavaScript. Sure, it sounds promising, but is it really the best option out there right now?

Not yet available for Android, and with most of the code for iOS being Objective-C, complications arise when trying to deal with advanced graphical interfaces where HTML and CSS are enclosed in Javascript. Plus, with new versions of iOS released every month, can we rely on prompt updates of native components?

Some say that the sluggishness of hybrid applications is becoming a thing of the past thanks to new, faster smartphones. But whist Javascript itself is strong and so React Native offers real advantages, we think that it still has much to do.

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