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As the digital marketing industry works harder and harder to remove the friction from user journeys, the same industry continues to encourage friction with the use of interruptive ad formats.

This is nowhere clearer than in the mobile experience, where interstitials and pop-up videos break up the flow of the journey, switch off your music player etc…

No wonder ad-blockers are on the rise. Mobile is such a personal space that an interruption feels even more inappropriate than on the desktop.

Advertisers need to move away from disruption and add value to the user journey, with regards to its context, in order to be truly effective.

The solution is to create user-centric experiences that enhance the mobile circumstance, adding value through utility or entertainment. Such as…

  1. Advertisers seriously need to up their creative game on mobile. Is the creative entertaining enough to interrupt my browsing? If not, don’t run it.
  2. Make the ad easy to kill. Let’s standardise where the X button is, rather than hide it or purposefully place it in different positions.
  3. Use whatever data is available (location/personal info/host site) to make the creative more contextual.
  4. This is our favoured option: just don’t bother with mobile advertising. Much more interesting, contextual, useful, entertaining messaging can be achieved from creating a contextual, cross-channel user-journey based on audience behaviour and media consumption habits. Consider the most useful, entertaining, but – most importantly – appropriate use of the mobile device and channel in that landscape if you really want to do mobile experience well.

For user-centric, UX-led creators, mobile adverts are nothing but a nuisance. In a world where we’re trying to remove friction to get the best rewards for both users and businesses, these interruptive formats are the very embodiment of friction. Let’s leave them behind.

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