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Unspoken Rules of B2B Instagram Management

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Instagram for B2B is difficult to master, as the platform’s nature and intended usage is centred around aesthetically pleasing imagery and real-time, regular posting. Therefore, when you’re a business or brand dealing in an often abstract good or service which doesn’t grant alluring photography, it’s necessary to master and manipulative this fruitful platform in a strategic and mindful way…

Understand your demographic
Instagram’s app-wide audience is comprised of 53% 18 to 29-year-olds, with 38% of all female internet users being present on the platform and 26% of male. From these worldwide statistics your brand needs to then filter further into the demographic targeting of your specific niche. Use your website and wider social analytics to understand your generalised digital audience and begin applying these findings to your Instagram strategy. Your Instagram account likely won’t align directly with the audience of your wider channels, so begin with what you know and hone in on platform findings month by month when you’re able to understand which content is generating the best results.

Determine your KPIs
Establishing key performance indicators enables you to verify successes on this channel. Your KPIs will introduce objectivity to your efforts and measure the success of your endeavours. For example, a B2B business is often driven by lead acquisition which can then be converted into sales, so it’s important that traffic on this channel is being efficiently funnelled to the site. Measure effectiveness of referral traffic via Google analytics and you are able to view the outcome of this KPI in real-time. Similarly, you might want to set a KPI of follower growth which you should monitor and report on MOM via the platforms on-app analytics.

Broaden your content marketing efforts
Instagram is unique in its conventions and customs, and this should encourage your content marketing efforts to embrace and incorporate the individuality of this platform. Images reign over all other possible posting types, and this can pose problematic for many B2B marketers. However, this social source can and should be twisted into a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the company culture with some behind the scenes images and videos or a chance to use relevant imagery to your niche alongside a compatible and company informative caption.

Work within Instagram’s limitations
Instagram was developed as a platform for socialising via the means of image sharing. It wasn’t built for and isn’t adapted to B2B marketers, unfortunately. Aside from paid advertising, shared images cannot contain links, so the only way for a user to enter a site is via the website link in the page bio. Consequently, a B2B profile should be treated as a mini landing page of sorts with a strong call-to-action and some posts encouraging your audience to follow this key profile link.

Continually refine your social media marketing by conducting monthly reports, regular testing and competitor analysis to discover the approach that generates the strongest possible results. Test hasthtags, filters, landing pages, posting styles, time of day and anything else you can think of in order to get to the bottom of your digital identity and thrive within your space.

Dependent on your market, Instagram can be an effective B2B customer acquisition channel when approached in the right manner. Start small, track your efforts, analyse your data and refine as you go and your brand has the ability to establish this platform as a key traffic driver.

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