Transforming teens for Halloween!

Halloween is a key cultural occasion for teens –it’s their #1 calendar event for self-expression. And so, for the second year running, we’ve worked with Fanta to own the occasion, building lasting associations for the brand with a brilliantly scary social media campaign.

This year, our creative idea was based around transformation, namely, how teens could transform to get to Fanta more easily. Our content featuring skulls, vampires, pumpkins and, um, clowns (very, very scary clowns) has been running on Snapchat, all with the overarching theme of transformation. It’s been so popular, even TakeThat’s Gary Barlow has had a go!

While the work wasSnapchat-led, it also featured content for Instagram (Stories, Feed, IGTV) and ecommerce. Last year, our campaign resulted in a Spooktacular y-o-y sales uplift for Fanta in key markets, and this year’s campaign is looking just as effective. 

If you’d like to find out more about our Fanta Halloween campaign, check out some of the press coverage here.

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